Financing Your Network

August 9 – 9:30 am to 10:15 am
Governor's Square 14

This session will review various financing security mechanisms and structures that have been utilized to finance both public and private fiber networks. Utilizing municipal bond capability, when legally available as determined by state law, debt can typically be structured to fund the entire project cost plus related financing costs.  Several nuances drive whether the bonds could be issued on a taxable or tax-exempt basis, but funding is available in either instance.  It is important to understand the variety of tools that are available to help develop a plan of finance for fiber network construction.


Laura Lewis

Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham: Principal/Owner

Dean Lundell

Lehi City: Finance Director

David Robertson

Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham: Principal/Owner

Shaye Ruitenbeek

Lehi City: Fiber Manager