Hiring Our Heroes: Finding the Hidden Gem to Augment Your Workforce

August 9 – 1:45 pm to 2:30 pm


Nic Lindner

Mears Group: VP of Operations, Broadband Division

In this panel, you will hear from companies that train/place and employ our Veterans as they leave their military careers and seek to become reintegrated into civilian life. These individuals are especially mature, understand hard outdoor work and are anxious to develop long terms careers – all attributes that fit well with fiber construction! As the demand for labor grows ever faster in the coming months, do not overlook the opportunity to add these talented people to your rosters. This session will explain how to recruit, train and retain our vets!



Kelley Dunne

AmeriCrew: CEO and President

Anthony V. Montoya

fivebyfive: CEO

Mark Morgan

Mears: Regional Safety Manager (West), Broadband Division