2024 Conference Theme

Beyond the Bandwidth: The Power of Broadband Revolutionizing Access

The single greatest opportunity is before our industry. We have the ability to close the digital divide once and for all, to create equitable access for unserved and underserved communities. Once achieved, an unparalleled technology transformation will occur, enabled by the infrastructure we will build from BEAD. We have a responsibility to ensure no one is left behind.


Mountain Connect primarily serves Tier 3 and below communities, counties, school districts, healthcare, Telcos, WISPs, Utilities and Cable Operators organizations.  Our audience also includes telecommunications industrywide thought leaders, state and federal governmental entities and emerging technology companies. A diverse audience for a diverse eco system.

“As an exhibitor it was one of the best shows we have participated in from a business opportunity standpoint.”
“This conference has become very important to this relatively small industry. If you are in this industry and in this region geographically speaking you have to attend this conference to keep up.”
City Employee
“The conference was excellent and provided me valuable connections as well as a really energized feeling. I truly loved it!”
IT for Large County School System


The 2024 conference will include a Broadband Equity, Access & Deployment (BEAD) track as well as Community Development, Case Studies, and Emerging Technologies tracks. The following are our confirmed speakers to-date