David Robertson

Intrepid Networks: Business Development Manager

David joined Intrepid Networks in 2018 a Business Development Manager He is a career law enforcement officer having served 37 years at the local, state and federal levels. David retired from the U.S. Marshals Service with almost 26 years of service. He was the Commander of the Special Operations Group for the Marshals Service conducting high-risk tactical operations in the United States, Iraq and Afghanistan, most notably in Iraq, leading a team providing security for the trials of Saddam Hussein and his associates. He was also a Chief in the Technical Operations Group and the radio system Program Manager for the agency. David was a Louisiana State Trooper and a local police officer prior to his career with the Marshals Service.

David brings his vast leadership, tactical and technical experience to Intrepid Networks and is dedicated to providing cutting-edge lifesaving technologies to public safety through the use of the Intrepid Networks suite of situational awareness and covert law enforcement applications.