Fiber Expansion: When Fiber Gets Everywhere, It Means it Can Go Anywhere

August 8 – 10:00 am to 10:45 am

To help close the digital equity gap, we need to take a look at home passed and homes connected as the first two critical steps. These two steps will have a multiplying effect on how operators, families and communities grow and thrive. In this session, we’ll discuss the real-world opportunities and challenges that can streamline an operator’s ability to move quickly to expand fiber broadband networks to connect residents and reach Homes Connected milestones. These include having the right tools, trained workforce, reliable supply chains and focused inventory management, as well as tightly integrated manufacturing processes. All of these factors will play a critical role in terms of meeting federal and state funding requirements, to save time and money and speed time to homes served.



Quinn Jordan

Mississippi Broadband Association: Executive Director

Kevin Morgan

Clearfield, Inc.: Chief Marketing Officer

Josh Wehe

Jade Communications: Director of Operations