What’s Next with BEAD?

August 8 – 10:00 am to 10:45 am
Plaza Ballroom A


Steve Coran

Lerman Senter: Attorney

With NTIA expected to make BEAD funding allocations at the end of June, this session will discuss what’s next, as the process gets handed over to the states to implement their programs. We should discuss how well-equipped and ready the states are, what decisions they need to make, what their challenge process looks like, what waivers they might need to ask for (e.g., Build America, Buy America; technology; letter of credit). What level of engagement are states having with local communities and other stakeholders? And when will the money start flowing?



Nick Alexander

NTIA: Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth

Paul Garnett

Vernonburg Group: Founder and CEO

Carol Mattey

Mattey Consulting LLC, Principal