Quinn Jordan

Mississippi Broadband Association: Executive Director

Quinn Jordan, first a Christian, married to Kim Jordan, is an accomplished executive with a passion for bridging the digital divide and creating opportunities for all Mississippians. Quinn graduated from MS College with a degree in Marketing and Management and embarked on a successful career in various industries.

With experience in telecommunications, private industry and local government, Quinn brings a unique perspective to his role as the Executive Director of the Mississippi Broadband Association (MSBA). Committed to ensuring that every Mississippian has access to affordable high-speed broadband services.

As a dedicated professional, Quinn finds joy in the challenges and rewards of leadership, collaborating with industry leaders, policymakers, and community stakeholders to make a meaningful impact. Beyond his professional pursuits, Quinn enjoys experiencing life with his wife Kim along with the joys and challenges of parenting their son Rivers (14) and daughter Hayes (9).

With a love for all things outdoors, Quinn finds solace in just being outdoors and farming is his spare time. Combining a passion for the Lord with a desire for a better MS, Quinn is dedicated to creating a future where all Mississippians are afforded accessibility to economical broadband services and the opportunities that connectivity provides.