Super-Charged Broadband Marketing with AI-Driven Analytics

August 9 – 11:30 am to 12:15 pm
Governor's Square 11


Ashley Brown

Adtran: Senior Director, Field Marketing

Broadband competitors are entering the market more frequently, so a marketing team equipped with analytics intelligence is essential to deliver a message that stands out. How empowered is your marketing team? Service providers can now super-charge their marketing team with automated intelligence that gives insight into where the best sales opportunities exist. With the right tools, you can empower your marketers to easily execute the right campaign at the right time and increase competitiveness and revenue.

In this session, Adtran will explore new AI-driven approaches to broadband marketing where customers are engaged, and your brand is elevated. Attendees will learn about the latest tools that can enable marketers with user behavior data and customer insights to simplify and maximize marketing campaigns.


Todd Way

Douglas Fast Net: CEO

Eddie Andrews

DxTEL: Principal Managing Partner