Network Build and Operate 2.0: Technology Shaping the Delivery and Operation of Future-Proof Networks

August 9 – 11:30 am to 12:15 pm
Governor's Square 15


Barry Walton

Corning: Solutions Architect

The broadband industry is set for the largest-ever U.S. infrastructure investment. The demand for high-quality future proof networks far outpaces the speed and scale at which telecommunications networks can be built and maintained given the current labor and skill shortages, material constraints, and increasing costs. PARA This powerhouse panel of industry leaders from Corning Optical Communications, ADTRAN, and Render Networks will explore the challenges that lie ahead and the next-generation solutions and technology that will bring the industry closer to advancing broadband accessibility and maintaining this investment for decades to come.

Labor availability and increase labor costs are front and center in addition to the need to connect homes faster. The panel will discuss various solutions, from innovative products, software that reduce the labor component of a FTTH build and enable increased productivity of the technicians that build the network
FTTH projects consist of 2 elements, constructing the network and developing a business model to operate it once it is built. The panel will discuss operational considerations that should be considered when selecting the various products for the network to avoid a regrettable investment that can be a challenge operationally to maintain.


John George

OFS: Senior Director, Solutions and Professional Services

Doug Payauys

Adtran: Strategic Sales Development Manager

Sam Pratt

Render Networks: CEO