Don’t Let Your Community Members Slip Through the Broadband Cracks; Case Studies on Increasing Digital Inclusion

August 8 – 4:50 pm to 5:30 pm
Governor's Square 14


Cassie Bair

Mobile Citizen: Chief Business Development Executive

Community based broadband is meant to serve the entire community. What happens when specific community members are not included in broadband access? Those who are housing unstable, struggling financially, don’t have digital literacy skills, are unbanked, decarcerated or are migrating between housing locations are all part of our community but often miss getting support from providers and existing programs. In this panel discussion, we will look at case studies and programs focused on providing Internet access to underserved populations and consider how to include options moving forward to ensure all members of a community can benefit from broadband. Join Mobile Citizen, PCs for People, and others to discuss safety net services that help increase Internet access.


Melanie Colletti

Colorado Department of Labor & Employment: Office of the Future Work

Tony Frank

PCs for People: Director of Business Development

Tracy Treece

Denver Public Library: Digital Inclusion Manager