Let’s Talk BEAD: Western States

August 7 – 9:00 am to 9:45 am

We’re in the heart of BEAD, its challenge processes, volume two’s being cured, and soon subgrantee selection. Mountain Connect is bringing State Broadband Offices together to discuss how each respective broadband office will work to achieve the universal access the program aims to deliver. We’ll have an interactive discussion, led by a provider to delve into the issues of the day, including issues left unanswered by the NTIA:

1) How important is network financial sustainability to state offices and therefore, how important is Operations & Maintenance (O&M) for scoring BEAD applications?
2) How wireless technologies will be used in the rollout of BEAD.
3) How ISPs will be qualified and vetted to avoid future defaults and how ISPs who do not currently provide services within a state, are vetted.
4) How will states manage the No Grace Period for incomplete grant proposals.

California TBA. 


Krista Baker

Idaho Office of Broadband: State Broadband Project Manager

Brian Mitchell

Nevada: Director - Governor's Office of Science, Innovation and Technology