J. Matthew Firra

unWired: Chief Financial Officer

With over 35 years of finance & operations experience in the communications and technology industries, Matt serves currently as the Chief Financial Officer of unWired Broadband Holdings, LLC (“unWired”).

unWired operates as both a broadband provider and an MSP through its subsidiaries, unWired Broadband and Xobee Networks, both of which have been serving the central valley of California for over 20 years. Beginning in 2024, unWired Broadband became a hybrid broadband provider with both fixed wireless and fiber offerings. Matt leads unWired’s strategic planning, integration, grants & regulatory, cyber security, as well as his normal CFO responsibilities.

Matt has a long career in the communications industry with both public and private companies. Prior to joining unWired, he served as CFO for ZVRS Purple, the 2nd largest communication provider in the nation for the deaf and hard of hearing. His tenure also includes 15 years as a subsidiary CFO with XO Communications (acquired by Verizon) and started his communications experience with a top 10 IXC.