Efficiency in Every Connection: Engineering Design Strategies for Broadband Expansion

August 6 – 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm


Barry Walton

Corning: Solutions Architect

In response to the commitment made by the United States government to bridge the digital divide, initiatives across the nation are accelerating broadband expansion with specific timelines and service obligations. The transition to bringing broadband to rural areas presents unique challenges, such as securing permits for attaching to utility poles, designing for placement and splicing of cables over extended distances, managing deployment over considerable distances across rural locales, innovative engineering solutions and tools to streamline the process are needed now more than ever. This panel of engineering experts will explore the strategies they employ to design and implement broadband infrastructure efficiently. Using their toolkit, data sources, and years of experience, they will share how their approach facilitates timely connectivity to underserved communities, facilitating a seamless integration of broadband infrastructure into diverse landscapes.


Brian Bailey

BBGeomatics: President & CEO

Ryan Matthews

CHC Consulting: Sr. Vice President

Eric Rajchel

Vantage Point: Assistant Director of Engineering