Seizing the Opportunity: Leveraging Federal Broadband Funds

August 8 – 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm
Governor's Square 15

The US Treasury has noted “mapping and data gathering” as an eligible expense for publicly-funded fiber expansion projects. This session will explore some best practices across various project owners, including, states, cities/counties and private network operators and ISPs.

Moreover, this session will explore how to turn “broadband mapping” into broadband asset management that will optimize and add value to your network over the long term. Participants will learn from best practices for leveraging funding applications and awards towards a fiber asset management platform that will optimize performance and revenue at a strand level and help account for other relevant assets that can lower network expansion costs or add value to new fiber networks over time.


Andrew Eubank

VETRO: Sr. Director, Service & Sales Engineering

Brian Mefford

VETRO: Vice President of Broadband Strategy