Andrew Eubank

VETRO: Sr. Technical Solutions Engineer

Andrew brings a thoughtful, innovative, relentlessly creative approach to the industry. With a wealth of experience spanning more than 15 fiber-to-the-home builds, over 200 tower deployments, and countless planned networks passing over 100,000 homes, Andrew has cut his teeth in network solutions and deployment time and time again. Before joining VETRO, Andrew served as the Vice President of Fiber for Visionary Broadband, and prior to that, the lead project manager with Mammoth Networks on the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments’ middle mile Project THOR build, writing key legal documentation and concepts, managing contractor fiber builds, and working with municipalities, county governments, and state entities to complete the leg work.

Andrew’s teams were often on the cutting edge of design and deployment methodologies, involved in everything from circuit mapping to documentation, allowing him to flex his ability to solve problems at the heart of complex issues.