Local, Local, Local!

August 6 – 9:30 am to 10:15 am


Brian Worthen

Visionary Broadband: CEO

Being local is key to successful rural broadband. Knowing the Public Works Director, the City or Town Administrator, the electrical utility engineering department, and the City or Town Council are all key. These municipalities (towns, cities and even unincorporated places) are all part of CPF and BEAD grants. Yet, a broadband provider has to choose to participate in grants only where they know the municipality, or branch out and hedge their bets on a new area, a new town, or a new city where no local connections with municipal leaders exist a the time of the grant application. It is a roll of the dice for both the broadband builder and the community.


Evan Biagi

Vero Broadband: Chief Revenue Officer

Kent Blackwell

Delta Montrose Electric Association: CTO