Brian Worthen

Visionary Broadband: CEO

Brian joined Visionary in 2001 and worked to develop the company’s broadband portfolio in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Seeing an opportunity in 2005, Brian and his management team formed Mammoth Networks to wholesale telecommunications services to Internet Service Providers and regional carriers. Mammoth quickly evolved into an aggregator of disparate technologies and services onto a single telecom platform. Visionary, Mammoth’s parent company, has continued to develop retail services and operate fiber and microwave Broadband plants in the most remote areas of the Rockies.

Brian’s company offers retail Broadband in 122 Cities, Towns, unincorporated places and populated places. The company has invested significantly in fiber installation and operations since 2020 using a combination of grants and traditional borrowing.  Visionary has a staff of 220 employees working from 14 offices and multiple dispatch locations.

Brian serves on the Board of INCOMPAS, a Washington DC-based association for telecommunications competition policy. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Small Business Management, with an emphasis on Finance.