Leveraging Public Infrastructure to Connect the Community

August 6 – 11:15 am to 12:00 pm


Patrick Mulhearn

Ting: Director of Public Policy & Community Engagement

To achieve their goal of leveraging utility infrastructure for citywide fiber connectivity, Colorado Springs Utilities entered into an agreement with the Broadband Group to plan and implement their project and ultimately identifying Ting Fiber Internet as their partner in providing service on a publicly-owned fiber network.

In an era of rapid broadband expansion, how can public utilities help ensure that this expansion encompasses as many community-members as possible? What lessons can be learned from the Colorado Springs Utilities experience and how can their efforts to connect their community inform other public-private partnerships as governments across the US attempt to develop plans to spend billions of dollars in public infrastructure funding?


Eric Coursey

The Broadband Group: General Manager

Thane LaBarre

Colorado Springs Utilities: Senior Mechanical Engineer

Deb Walker

Ting: Regional Community Engagement and Public Affairs Manager