Going for the Gold: Using Vendor Coalitions to Success Obtain Government Funding

August 7 – 9:00 am to 9:45 am
Governor's Square 14


Heather Gold

TAK Communications: Vice President, External Affairs

As states start and open their grant application windows under short time constraints, it is imperative that the potential subgrantees (potential fiber network owner) have all of their vendors lined up, a credible deployment plan mapped and priced out and an implementation ready to start.  How can entities — particularly smaller or new entrants — achieve these goals laboring under the many requirements of the various government funding programs?  By selecting to work with a predesignated ecosystem of vendors who have put together an end-to-end solution that covers all aspects of the needs of the various funding programs – including design engineering, financing, supplies and their management, workforce development, construction deployment and management and implementation.

This session will include representatives from different vendor segments who will discuss why they have become part of such a coalition and why they believe it will better serve both their interests and that of the potential government funding bidders most importantly resulting in a more powerful, credible bid.

Participants from KPG, and JSI TBA.


David Eckard

Nokia: Vice President of the Broadband Partners

Amanda Molina

JSI: VP, Business Advisory and Grant Services