From Greenfield to Growth: Pioneering a Sustainable Broadband Model for Rural Communities

August 7 – 10:00 am to 10:45 am

In this session, we will explore the success story of a small Midwest county that forged a public-private partnership to pioneer a community-owned infrastructure project with a holistic broadband solution. This inspiring initiative not only addresses the connectivity needs of the underserved but also lays the foundation for economic growth, educational opportunities, and emergency communication networks. Additionally, we’ll explore greenfield infrastructure projects and how collaborative efforts can effectively tackle the multifaceted challenges of broadband deployment. By embracing diverse commercial and operator models, communities can tailor solutions to their unique needs, accelerating broadband access and enhancing connectivity for all.


Zach Bachmann

Kendall County (Illinois): Board Member

Jim Cannon

Pivot-Tech Development, Inc.: Chief Executive Officer

Trey Hall

Ciena: Senior Consultant, Business Development