Jim Cannon

Pivot-Tech Development, Inc.: Chief Executive Officer

Jim Cannon is the Chief Executive Officer of Pivot-Tech Development, Inc., a company he has been leading since January 2023. Based in Denver, Colorado, Jim is at the helm of an innovative organization that offers comprehensive solutions for sustainable broadband infrastructure projects.

With Pivot-Tech, Jim has brought together a group of best-in-class companies, each contributing their unique expertise to create a holistic approach to broadband development. This includes services ranging from financing and design to construction and operations, making Pivot-Tech a rare entity in the industry. His team of highly dedicated professionals comprise over 120 years of experience in broadband and telecom.

Jim’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in positioning Pivot-Tech as a one-stop-shop for broadband projects, ensuring that clients receive end-to-end solutions tailored to their specific needs, including design, finance, construction, and ongoing operations. His dedication to sustainable practices and his ability to coordinate the efforts of multiple specialized teams have set Pivot-Tech apart in the market.

Through his role at Pivot-Tech, Jim demonstrates his commitment to advancing broadband accessibility and his keen understanding of the complexities involved in large-scale infrastructure projects. His innovative approach and strategic partnerships have established Jim as a thought leader in the broadband development sector.