Fiber Network Design Considerations for Rural Broadband

August 7 – 10:00 am to 10:45 am


John George

OFS: Senior Director, Solutions and Professional Services

Government funding from the Capital Projects Fund, State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, and starting this year BEAD will combine with matching private funds to result in over $100B of investment in rural broadband. While most funding recipients will build Fiber to the Home (FTTH), there will be fiber fed wireless access (FWA) deployed in some areas with low housing density. We will discuss various fiber network design options for FTTH, FWA, or combinations thereof that are optimized for cost effective first deployment, while being scalable to support future growth. Attendees will better understand how to design and configure the passive fiber network cabling based on their unique needs, all the way from the Central Office/Head End, to and into the home, or in the case of FWA to the wireless access point…. This session could include a combination of engineering firms, vendors, and prospective bead recipient service providers planning to deploy rural broadband networks.


Greg Jaramillo

Commnet Broadband: Vice President Fiber Broadband Infrastructure Group

John Monday

HR Green: Group Director, Broadband Design & Network Engineering

Drew Pappas

Bonfire: Director of Business Development