Doug Seacat

Clearnetworx: Founder & President

After graduating from Montrose High School in 1996, Doug attended Manhattan Christian College in Kansas where he met his future wife, Janelle. In 1998 Doug transferred to California State University Fullerton and graduated Magna cum Laude in 2002 with a degree in Business Administration emphasis in Information Technology in Fullerton, California. During this time, Doug married his wife, Janelle, and they had their first child. The family returned to Montrose, Colorado to start a business and raise a family. Today, Doug and Janelle own several businesses in Montrose and have a son Dane and three daughters, Dafne, Madeline, and Mila.

In 2002, Doug attended a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Bill Gates spoke about new technologies on the horizon. In his speech, Gates mentioned we continue to live in a “deeply digital world”. This catchy phrase sparked the birth of Deeply Digital, LLC in 2003.

Initially, Deeply Digital was a service company focused on providing solutions, not just technology in the IT field. After several years of working with local businesses struggling to build successful companies in Montrose, Doug, saw a need for affordable fiber internet connectivity in Montrose.  With 55 employees Deeply Digital has morphed from the smaller computer service company into a fiber design, consulting and construction company.

In 2012, Clearnetworx, LLC, Montrose’s first affordable Gigabit Fiber Internet Provider, was formed. During the early years of Clearnetworx, our team focused on building out to enterprise organizations and municipalities in need of connectivity. The Clearnetworx service area quickly grew as many western slope communities lacked access to broadband internet.

Today, Deeply Digital and Clearnetworx continue to work directly with municipalities and community leaders to build out fiber, wireless infrastructure, and provide a better internet experience. Building out fiber internet is not just about keeping up with the latest trend or product; it is about investing in infrastructure that provides future-proof solutions for residents, businesses, and enterprise users.

By providing solutions, not just technology, we can measure our success in the experiences we create.