Community is Key for Rural Network Sustainability

August 7 – 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm
Plaza Court 4/5


Quinn Jordan

Mississippi Broadband Association: Executive Director

The panel and the discussion is to focus on the how Associations, ISP, Venders and Local Leadership has to address affordability, digital literacy and device ownership in rural areas  Any one of those 3 areas will be the barrier to higher take rates in already low density areas. By investing in local communities, we can ensure that end users are equipped to take advantage of and subscribe to broadband services.    We would widen the lens on affordability with my partners to help give local leadership and ISP the potential tools needed to educate local end users as to why and how they can budget for broadband and the ROI of having the service.  


Karisa Tashjian

Digitunity: Senior Director of Programs and Strategic Partnerships