BEAD – Headaches, Hurdles, and Headway – Dispatches from the Front Lines

August 7 – 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm

Join Sanborn Geospatial’s Broadband Thought Leaders, Dr. Justin Fazzari (Senior Broadband Strategist) and Dr. David Lukens (Senior Data Scientist) as they share key insights from their work supporting states with BEAD program planning and implementation. Each state has unique circumstances and different priorities, but the challenges of working with imperfect data in this high-stakes BEAD program crosscut through all of those variations. Hear their thoughts, illustrated with stories and examples from the front lines, on:

Dealing with BSL Fabric Data Errors – Don’t throw good money into the wind!
• How do FCC Challenges and NTIA Guidance work or not work together?
• How do we deal with sheds or power plants that are categorized as BSLs?
• Strategies to stretch the BEAD dollar

Cost Modeling – What’s the Answer? When Does it Stop?
• Enriching and enhancing cost model data to create bracketed ranges
• Braiding Digital Equity into your subgrantee selection process
• Iterating to find the best solution for the Extremely High-Cost Threshold – What’s the deal with the hockey stick?
• Preparing to negotiate with subgrantee applicants
BEAD Grants Management – Public Transparency & Mapping
• Appropriate public transparency throughout the BEAD process
• Integrating mapping with your with grants management software
This will be a fun and engaging “tag team” presentation by two senior broadband experts with great experiences to share, and the scars to prove it.


Justin Dean Fazzari, Ph.D.

Sanborn Geospatial: Senior Broadband Strategist

David Lukens

Sanborn Geospatial: Sr. Data Scientist