A History of Strong Women Leaders: Understanding How Women Leaders Rose In Telecom and Broadband

August 9 – 11:30 am to 12:15 pm
Room 5


Heather Gold

Mears Group: Vice President, External Affairs, Broadband Division

Since the breakup of AT&T, strong women have found success within the telecommunications industry. Many of members of the first large influx of women to graduate and law schools filled the ranks of regulatory experts needed to guide telecom through its critical transition to competition. Then, with the next wave of creativity driving the dot.com era and now broadband, women are using their abilities to understand customers, multitask and find out of the box solutions to lead. This panel of past/present and future women leaders will discuss how they did it and offer their lessons in leadership.
Moderator: Heather Burnett Gold, VP External Affairs, Mears Broadband Division



Angie Kronenberg

INCOMPAS: President

Kimberly McKinley

UTOPIA: Chief Marketing Officer

Deb Socia

The Enterprise Center: President & CEO

Gigi Sohn

American Association for Public Broadband: Executive Director