Tom Reid

Reid Consulting Group: President and Founder

Tom Reid, President and Founder of Reid Consulting Group, has nearly 40 years of experience in the technology sector. His experience is extensive, advising both public and private-industry clients on strategic planning, technology architecture, competitive bidding, and project management.

Reid is a passionate leader with an acumen for bringing together high-performing, multidisciplinary teams to create and execute customized strategies. His work spans multiple industries including government, healthcare, telecommunications, electric utilities and major universities. The wealth of industry experience and his highly collaborative approach have resulted in multiple public-private partnerships delivering long-term impact for his clients.

Reid is a recognized authority on broadband in which his strong leadership has resulted in $1.6 billion in broadband projects supported with $330 million in grant funding. He speaks frequently to policymakers and influential audiences on infrastructure, GIS mapping, demographics, and funding challenges related to middle and last-mile broadband networks.

In addition to consulting for businesses and agencies nationwide, Tom is also the lead inventor and founder of SEED Protocol®, the Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data, and holds five issued US patents for this work.