Samantha Schartman

Connect Humanity: Director of Philanthropic Programs

Samantha Schartman is Director of Philanthropic Programs at Connect Humanity.

Samantha is a national leader in Digital Equity and Digital Transformation working to support communities in their efforts to create, drive and measure the impact of grassroots strategies to connect the unconnected.

Formerly she served as the CEO of The Marconi Society whose mission is to celebrate, inspire, and connect individuals building tomorrow’s technologies in service of a digitally inclusive world. It was here that she created and executed a full suite of programs including the national broadband mapping coalition and created the Digital Inclusion Leadership Certificate program in collaboration with Karen Mossberger at Arizona State University.

Before 2020, her contributions to the field of digital inclusion have included several foundational research reports on the impact of notable programs, local government strategy recommendations, and multi-state community technology project management.

She also designed the open-source software platform DITTO currently being used by some of the top digital inclusion projects and promoters in the US including community programs, libraries, and municipalities.