Sachin Gupta

Centranet: Director of Goverment Business & Economic Development

Sachin Gupta is the director of government business and economic development at Centranet, a subsidiary of Central Rural Electric Cooperative.

He is one of 14 members of the Oklahoma Broadband Expansion Council, formed by House Bill 3363, and is in an advisory role to the Oklahoma State Broadband Office to create recommendations for new policies and incentives.

Gupta is a member of the Innovation and Business Opportunity Committee at NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association and is also the chair of the Tribal Outreach Working group of the Fiber Broadband Association. He coordinates outreach among FBA members and Tribal communities and advises on outreach activities and policies. He also represents the Cooperative Broadband Coalition (a coalition of 10 electric cooperatives) and advances its agenda at state and federal levels.

Over the last 18 years he has had a diverse career working in product management, business development and marketing for large government contractors. He has traveled to and worked with government officials in 32 countries advocating for networked smart defense and security solutions. He has been a speaker at several domestic and international conferences and has talked about technical, legislative, and regulatory issues. He is well published in several broadband publications including Broadband Communities Magazine.

Gupta holds a master of science in mechanical engineering and telecommunications management from Oklahoma State University. With his technical background and experience in marketing and business development, he is a well-balanced blend of technocrat and diplomat, equally at ease talking about technology with engineers or explaining it in conversational terms to a nontechnical person. Over his career, he has demonstrated the ability to accurately predict where technology-based challenges and opportunities exist as well as how to respond.

Since he joined Centranet, Gupta has forged relationships with local, county, state and tribal leaders in Oklahoma and has worked hard to ensure that broadband deployment, both last and middle mile, and broadband adoption stay a topic of strong relevance for them.