Ryan Johnston

Next Century Cities: Policy Counsel, Federal Programs

Before coming to Next Century Cities, Ryan Johnston completed a legal fellowship with the Computer and Communications Industry Association where he focused on a range of issues including telecommunications, intellectual property, and data privacy. Additionally, he has worked for the Competition and Infrastructure Division at the Federal Communications Commission and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Ryan, a member of the Pennsylvania Bar, received his Juris Doctor from American University Washington College of Law where he served on the editorial board of the National Security Law Brief. Ryan completed his undergraduate degree at Franklin & Marshall College where he studied Government and Business Management.
Ryan is responsible for NCC’s federal policy portfolio. He maintains relationships with Federal Commissions Commission officials, members of Congress and staff, and public interest allies. Working with the relevant federal agencies, Ryan submits filings on behalf of NCC members on a variety of tech and telecom related issues such as broadband data mapping, benchmark speeds, spectrum policy, content moderation, privacy, and others.