Rebecca Dilg

Utah: Broadband Center Director

Rebecca Dilg is the director of the Utah Broadband Center (UCB) within the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. Prior to joining the state in 2018, she worked in county government for 9 years as the commission executive secretary then eventually the economic development executive director. Recruited by the state to serve as the rural economic development outreach manager, she also took on managing the state’s broadband. This included maintaining statewide broadband availability maps and facilitating the Utah Broadband Alliance comprised of industry, government, and non-profit agencies with a focus on connecting all of Utah to high-speed internet. She was appointed Director of the Broadband Center in 2021.

The UBC has grown substantially under her leadership launching the state’s first broadband grant program and adding four staff members as they develop the state’s five-year Digital Connectivity Plan preparing for the BEAD and Digital Equity Act funding programs. As part of this effort, the UBC successfully challenged the FCC broadband map with a total of nearly 24,600 accepted missing BSLs and nearly 24,000 incorrect primary addresses.

She sees this as an exciting era working with providers to close the digital divide for good.

On cool summer mornings you’ll find Rebecca in her garden, cross country skiing in the winter, or playing the piano and oil painting year-round.