Mike Lasky

Widelity: Principal

Michael Lasky has over thirty years of business management and consulting experience in the technology and communications industries. He leads the compliance practice at Widelity specializing in supporting clients when applying for Federal broadband funds and supporting them during their post-award support requirements. The compliance team also supports clients requesting $2.1B in the Rip and Replace program including budgets, FCC reimbursement filings, and reporting.

Prior to joining Widelity, Mike was the Managing Director of the Stargazer Foundation developing products and services for emergency responders. Prior to Stargazer, he developed and launched PropertyChannel.com, a joint venture of Cox Newspapers, Tribune Company, Knight-Ridder and Advance Publications. Mike also spent a number of years in television and satellite communications including time with Bell Atlantic Video Services overseeing the creation of interactive services, and managing the programming acquisition. He was Vice President of Programming at SKYPIX as well as the Director of Film Acquisition at Showtime/The Movie Channel.

He has a Fine Arts BA and an MBA from Cornell University