Kristoffer Tobbe

Livingston County (Michigan): Chief Information Officer

Over the past 25 years, Kris has established an in-depth knowledge base of the mechanisms that move public and private organizations forward in southeastern Michigan. These observations have been used to aid in the processes of creating more efficient and effective methodologies, through the usage of technologies as well as effective direct management that reduce bureaucracy. Kris has led and managed initiatives and earned a reputation as someone who moves value added missions forward.
Kris is the Livingston County Chief Information Officer and is a Brighton City Council Member and Mayor.
Kris is an innovative professional with a strong record of collaboration, complex project success and achievements under tight deadlines. Kris has built a reputation for establishing and exceeding professional, personal goals and objectives. Kris is a strong relationship-builder and manager with a keen eye of overall operations who is committed to growth, creative problem solving and meeting organizational goals. He is a CIO that is technically minded person, able and willing to dive into the engineering details, but yet conversant, comfortable and effective in navigating the political process and personalities.
Kris became involved with broadband and fiber optic cabling projects in early 2021 when the Livingston County Board of commissioners tasked him with researching ways and funding for broadband expansion in Livingston County. Kris and the Livingston County team were able to partner with Merit Networks (an existing fiber optic non-profit providing broadband and fiber optic services to educational and government entities in Michigan). They partnered with Merit to conduct a countywide broadband survey that partnered with SEMCOG for TAP grant funding. The survey achieved nearly an 8% return rate of households in the County responding, which led Kris and the Livingston team to in-depth data decision making and fiber optic system development and design. Standard return rate is less than 3%.
Presently Kris’ the Livingston County Team and their trusted partners Ex2 (a Vivacity company), supported by clear resolutions of support from the Livingston County Board of Commissioners, are moving forward with unique and comprehensive County wide conduit and middle mile fiber optic cabling project that places 96% of all Livingston County residents within 0 to 3 miles of fiber optic infrastructure by partnering with the local intermediate school district (Livingston Educational Services Agency). Livingston County and their partners have completed the design, engineering and permitting phases and are currently constructing the system (56%) completed) right now and expect full construction on 129 miles of fiber optic cabling and infrastructure, to completed in spiring of 2025.