Joshua Williams

Independent Consultant

Joshua Williams is an independent consultant with over 19 years of expertise in strategic planning, consulting, and financial management across nonprofit, government, education, and finance sectors. Joshua has consistently leveraged technology to drive societal advancement, focusing on digital equity and broadband access to enhance community development, currently supporting organizations such as MetroLab Network in digital equity and smart city initiatives.

Joshua previously served as an Executive Consultant at FUSE Corps within the Houston Office of Innovation and IT Services Department, where he spearheaded and oversaw collaborative projects such as developing and managing a cross-functional collaboration between impact investors and broadband access nonprofits to build 23 free public Wi-Fi sites and 12 parks in underserved communities and provide digital literacy training, and directed the City of Houston’s Digital Equity Workgroup in developing their Digital Equity Services RFI and RFP to improve online access for 14,400 citizens by integrating digital equity principles into network design and governing policies. While serving as Director of Operations & Finance within BES Schools, Joshua played a crucial part in collaborating with the Harris County Commissioner’s Court, Texas Education Agency, Region 4 Education Service Center, and ISPs to ensure student access to computer devices, broadband, and digital skills training during the pandemic.

Additionally, he has served as a Consultant at Lincoln Financial Group, where he provided consultancy to C-Suite executives, led strategic initiatives, identified underperforming funds and alternative investments, and conducted profitability analyses for investors.