Joshua Edmonds

DigitalC: CEO

Joshua Edmonds, Chief Executive Officer at DigitalC, is revolutionizing Cleveland’s digital landscape with bold ambition. By securing $53 million in public, private, and philanthropic investments for the nonprofit social enterprise, DigitalC is disrupting the telecommunications industry and bridging the city’s glaring digital divide. Edmonds leads DigitalC with relentless tenacity, redefining connectivity through community-based collaborations to deliver superior high-speed home internet and tailored digital skills training. He views DigitalC’s state-of-the-art network as a homegrown triumph, proving that a local underdog can outpace corporate giants. Forbes, the NAACP, and other prestigious organizations have recognized his notable impact. With degrees from Notre Dame College and Howard University, Edmonds is positioning¬†Cleveland a national model for digital disruption.