James Carsley

FarrPoint: Senior Consultant

James Carsley is a Senior Consultant at FarrPoint, an international connectivity advisory firm operating in the US, UK, and Canada. FarrPoint provides independent advice on a range of smart technologies: from digital connectivity and network infrastructure to telehealth and 5G. To date, FarrPoint has advised on over $4 billion worth of connectivity projects worldwide.

FarrPoint has particular expertise in broadband programs from technical design through to procurement, administering grant programs, and ongoing monitoring of subgrantee compliance.

James leads on FarrPoint’s support of ‘Project Gigabit,’ the UK government’s flagship $6.2 billion program to enable hard-to-reach communities to access gigabit-capable broadband. FarrPoint supports the government in the design and implementation of frameworks to assure performance and technical compliance.

Prior to joining FarrPoint, James spent a decade in BT Openreach, the UK’s largest operator, leading the broadband connectivity projects delivered in partnership with the Central Government and the devolved Governments of Scotland and Wales. This involved the myriad challenges of large-scale infrastructure build, from recruiting, managing, and motivating large and often remotely-based teams to securing and managing contractors to build the network. In addition, liaison with public bodies to secure agreements to build and the added complexity of client/funder expectations and reporting requirements.