Jackie English-Martin

Bonfire Infrastructure Group: Product Manager

Jackie English-Martin first and foremost has a passion for leveraging technology to drive positive change. She has professional experience as a product manager, including budget software-as-a-service (SaaS) and various software products utilized by Bonfire Fiber, including supporting our Operations and Business Support System (OSS/BSS). Jackie views product management as a generalist role, where problem solving and driving value is top priority.

At Bonfire, she manages a portfolio of products, including an Open Access marketplace, operations integrations, and software. Jackie also defines and supports the go-to-market strategy for services such as broadband planning or additional broadband solutions for enterprise businesses. She also brings a deep interest in AI and leverages low-code AI solutions to build or create supportive internal products.

Jackie graduated from the University of Denver, studying Economics and Public Policy. In her undergraduate studies, she wrote a thesis about the economics of the telecommunications industry, researched and hypothesized policy solutions that address the shortcomings of the telecommunications market. This market knowledge sparked her interest in working in the telecommunications industry to positively improve digital equity in this country.

Outside of her professional life, Jackie is an active member of the Women in Product DC chapter, where women are empowered to work together to improve their product craft. Additionally, she has two dogs, whom she utterly adores and enjoys walking, training, and loving on. With her dogs and husband beside her, she watches a lot of Colorado Rockies baseball, despite their lack of success. As a military spouse, Jackie has enjoyed living in Brooklyn NYC and Alexandria, VA, but will always consider Colorado home.