Earnie Holtrey

Indiana Broadband Office: Deputy Director

Earnie Holtrey is the Deputy Director for the Indiana Broadband Office (IBO), mobilizing broadband in Indiana and across the nation. Holtrey has served a five-year incumbency with the state of Indiana. Prior, Holtrey served as the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) Community Liaison. He then transitioned to IBO Project Manager, focused on promoting IBO as a broadband “one-stop shop” for all Hoosiers. Holtrey administers the Broadband Ready Communities (BBRC) program as a resource that encourages communities to become certified broadband ready, successfully designating 75+ communities thus far. Holtrey develops relationships with advocacy groups including SHLB, PEW, Next Century Cities and Excel in Education by speaking on esteemed panels throughout the United States to promote the critical role of broadband for Hoosiers. He works closely with OCRA to award millions of dollars in funding for Next Level Connections, assisting in the initial rollout as Indiana’s first-ever broadband grant program to expand accessibility. Holtrey has been instrumental in the RFP to hire consultants for the BEAD five-year plan. Holtrey also manages the IBO marketing agency, coordinating website updates, monthly newsletter content and social media. Holtrey has and continues to champion broadband across the state of Indiana and beyond.