Doug Maglothin

Diamond State Networks: CEO

Doug is the Chief Executive Officer for Diamond State Networks, an electric cooperative-owned middle mile project which is the largest and fastest of its kind in all of Arkansas. DSN’s goal is to make Arkansas the most significantly connected state in the country by promoting fast and affordable broadband to every corner of the state, with a specific focus on rural Arkansas. Prior to joining Diamond State, Doug served as Chief Strategy Officer of Leverage Broadband Strategies, a cooperative telecommunications consultancy which worked alongside the coops helping to develop Diamond State Networks from its inception in 2020. At Leverage, Doug led strategic growth consulting for clients around the world and he continues to serve as a Leverage Board Member. In his past, Doug led numerous strategic growth functions for Ritter Communications, Verizon Wireless and Alltel Wireless. Doug holds both an Executive MBA and a Master of Information Systems degree from the University of Arkansas and he is active in local philanthropic initiatives in his hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas where he serves on the boards of multiple non-profit organizations.