Deb Fuglie

Solarity: Senior Consultant

Deb has a rich telecom history serving as a senior executive for multiple providers on a global basis. Her broad operational experience includes planning, implementing, and managing fiber networks. Deb is an industry expert on the vendor/partner selection and the coordination of all business processes to ensure cohesive, transparent, and accountable solutions that provide stellar service. Prior to her time at Solarity, Deb led business development, state and regional broadband planning, operations, and professional services for a major SaaS fiber mapping company. In this role, Deb developed relationships with industry and agency experts, state leadership and local agencies. Her experience in community outreach coupled with her technical and industry knowledge form a deep and strong commitment to broadband expansion.

In her role at Solarity, Deb leads their work with multiple states and regional groups on BEAD planning, is a major contributor to their DEA strategy and is spearheading an effort to evaluate the far-reaching impacts of broadband beyond deployment, specifically in the cost to reduce the cost for states to serve Medicaid recipients while increasing the quantity and quality of services offered. The intricacies required to properly evaluate DEA requirements in consideration of BEAD priorities while looking at the long-term impact on the citizens, counties and states is a challenge that she has embraced in an effort to ensure sustainable and expanded benefits to all involved.