Christine Hallquist

Vermont Community Broadband Board: Executive Director

Christine started her career with Digital Equipment Corporation where she was one of the five-member design team for Digital’s most popular computers. She then went on to manufacturing where she led the organization in the transformation to what is now called Lean Manufacturing.

Christine started consulting in Business Process Redesign and worked with companies including Honda to optimize the entire process of new product development. Christine led a team to design the Model Miller Brewery using the most advanced computer technology and processes in the beverage industry.

In January 2000, Christine became Operations and Engineering manager for Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) where she immediately implemented a GPS-based asset system. In 2003, VEC built fiber networks and then swapped fiber with other systems to build out the networks to support the smart meter system.

The VEC Board of Directors was also interested in providing broadband services and Christine worked with many different technologies, including radio, Spread Spectrum (power line communications), satellite and cellular.

Christine become CEO of VEC in 2005. At that time, VEC had poor financial ratings (just above junk bond status). Christine worked with the Board to develop corporate policies on responsibilities, capital investment plans and financial reporting. As a result, VEC ultimately became an A+ rated utility and was recognized nationally for its technical leadership. In her role as CEO, she was a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Board of Directors for 10 years. The NRECA is responsible for providing electricity to rural America, which represents 56% of the land mass. Christine left in 2018 to become Vermont’s Democratic candidate for governor.

In early 2019 Christine formed a Canadian joint-venture company to develop a porous silicon battery that would provide three times the energy density of Lithium Ion.

Christine is now the Executive Director of the Vermont Community Broadband Board and is charged with getting every Vermont address connected to fiber optic internet.