Angelina Charles

DIRECTV: Director of Business Development

Angelina Charles leads DIRECTV’s strategic business development initiatives in a dynamic landscape, navigating through a highly competitive and rapidly evolving entertainment ecosystem. With 24 years of tenure at DIRECTV/CRICKET and a diverse background spanning retail, operations, and indirect dealer relations, Angelina brings invaluable expertise to her role.

At the helm of a proficient team, Angelina focuses on forging strategic partnerships with Internet Service Providers to enhance consumer video entertainment offerings. Her responsibilities include relationship building, onboarding, and successful product launches across residential, commercial, multi-dwelling units, and lodging and institutional sectors.

Prior to her current role, Angelina demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by successfully owning and operating a bakery for five years. She also honed her skills in business phone services at Adelphia Business Solutions and excelled in patient relationship management at Kaiser Permanente.

Angelina’s unwavering dedication and breadth of experience make her an indispensable asset to the DIRECTV team as they continue to innovate and thrive in the competitive entertainment landscape.