Angela Bennink

Kitsap Public Utility District: General Manager and AAPB Board Chair

Angela Bennink is the general manager for Kitsap Public Utility District after serving as the telecommunications director. Bennink brings to her role a breadth of knowledge about broadband infrastructure complimented by her training and experience in chemistry, biology, and engineering. For 11 years, she concentrated on expanding broadband access in Washington State with Northwest Open Access Network before transitioning to Kitsap PUD to focus on bridging the digital divide by bringing high speed broadband to unserved areas of Kitsap County. Seeing a need for greater national advocacy for public entities trying to serve their communities, last spring Bennink joined a group of public broadband advocates to form the American Association for Public Broadband. As the chair of AAPB, she advocates for publicly owned broadband networks and challenges the misinformation being spread about public broadband.