Sustainable Solutions for Connecting Regions and Communities

August 7 – 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm

We want to invite you to join an exciting panel discussion that will focus on the development of high-speed internet service for Region 10 in Colorado. The panel will include experts from Zayo, Tri-State Communications, Ciena and Region 10 who will share their experiences for bridging the digital divide and promoting a connected society. We will explore various network applications that drive community impact and analyze the business and monetization strategies required for infrastructure. Our aim is to cast a vision for overcoming the challenges and create a sustainable solution that benefits the entire community. We look forward to engaging with you and fostering meaningful conversations around this important topic.


Corey Bryndal

Region 10 League of Economic Assistance & Planning: Broadband Project Coordinator

Joel Daly

Zayo: SVP Government Affairs and Product Strategy

Trey Hall

Ciena: Senior Consultant, Business Development