Over the River (and Railroad) We Go: Fiber vs Laser in Challenging Deployments

August 6 – 11:00 am to 11:45 am
Plaza Court 4/5


Zev Suissa

x-lumin: Chief Growth Officer

Rivers & Railroads get in the way of upgrading backhaul infrastructure. While fiber delivers great bandwidth and reliability, the costs are high, Railroads have challenging standards, rivers/canyons/mountains complicate deployments, and construction timelines are subject to long delays that have a significant negative carbon-footprint. “Wireless fiber” can get your community up to speed in days, not years, with zero-emissions and at a fraction of the cost. In this session, you’ll learn about about Free Space Optics, the technical capabilities of laser communication today, and the comparison costs of backhaul in a challenging deployments.


Dr. John Stryjewski

X-Lumin Corporation