Game Changer: The impact of eSports & gaming in rural America

August 6 – 2:45 pm to 3:30 pm
Plaza Court 2/3

eSports and gaming are taking form as a powerful means of connection and opportunity beyond the digital arena. This interactive panel discussion will arm participants with a new knowledge and understanding of the eSports and gaming world and how providers can become an integral part of their community. This panel will explore the impact eSports and gaming has on scholarship opportunities, career paths, and fostering community. Learn how this rapidly growing industry is not only entertaining but is also driving economic development, enhancing digital literacy, and promoting community in underserved areas. As a provider, you have the opportunity to scale your network to match the growing demand this initiative presents. With network changes, you can ensure your infrastructure is ready to take advantage of the benefits eSports and gaming can bring to your area.


Jessica Gilbert

Matanuska Telecom Association: Director of Marketing + Corporate Communications

Bryan Hicks

JSI: Systems Integration Director