Expanding the Vision of “Open Access” Networks as Operating Systems for Cities

August 7 – 10:00 am to 10:45 am

What if a single fiber network, brought to life with technology, could serve every community segment, bring competition and choice in services all the way to the desktop, and form the foundation for modernizing other critical infrastructure? We’ve seen a growing focus on the open access model, but existing examples are still dominated by the “wholesale” leasing model and focus entirely on “the internet”. With a new vision, these networks can become multi-purpose infrastructure, addressing a city’s holistic connectivity goals—from internet access, to secure and modernized water systems, responsible energy creation, and other smart cities infrastructure needs.


Jamie W. Earp

Ubiquity: Co-CEO & Managing Partner

Tyler Svitak

Colorado Smart Cities Alliance: Executive Director

Bob Thompson

Underline: Founder & CEO