Efficient Digital Fielding & Design for Fiber Network Deployments

August 6 – 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm


Mike McGill

Magnasoft: Vice President, Market Development

Begin with the end in mind®. This is Habit #2 from the timeless classic book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey. Fiber broadband’s “end in mind” is building out new markets quickly and adding subscribers. In many cases, speed to market comes at the cost of missing the necessary design and as-built information needed to manage the network and deliver a great customer experience. Achieving an ideal outcome starts with great designs that flow through permitting, leaving as much money as possible for construction and closing the loop on as-builts. GIS has not traditionally delivered reasonable solutions for LLD, Construction, or Permitting, and CAD packages have too often been produced in isolation with no integration into the operational source of record. An integrated GIS-CAD approach is the emerging solution to address the complete life cycle while improving quality and productivity. The data produced from an integrated GIS-CAD approach delivers additional benefits as it flows through construction, as-built updates, and ultimately into an enterprise network management system.

This session will be presented by a technology industry veteran with 30+ years of domestic and overseas experience, combining people, processes, and technology to address industry challenges. Attendees will learn about the key steps and technologies necessary to deliver designs faster and simplify the final steps of completing as-builts and flowing data into geospatially-based network management systems.


Scott Casey

SBS: Vice President, Telecom