Diversity and Inclusion in the Broadband Realm

August 9 – 10:30 am to 11:15 am


Megan Beresford

Learn Design Apply Inc.: Director of Broadband Programs

The broadband industry has historically lacked the diversity that is reflected in our country as a whole. The pandemic made clear that not only are minority groups less likely to have access to broadband, they are less likely to be employed in broadband jobs. Funding opportunities have placed an increased emphasis on the hiring and use of underrepresented populations. While many organizations have recognized the importance of diversity in the workforce and taken steps to create more inclusive teams, much work remains to be done. This panel will discuss what diversity actually means, how an inclusive team can be a great business model, and what meeting these grant requirements can look like.


Fields Jackson, Jr.

Bonfire: Chief Cheerleader and Fractional Chief Diversity Officer

Tonia Martinez

Bonfire Infrastructure Group: Director of HR

Sandra Parker-Murray

CWA: Executive Board Member

Shannan Williams-Mitchem

Ready.net: Director of Community Outreach and Research