Achieving ISP Scale: The Power of Integrating Geospatial Information & Design

August 8 – 10:00 am to 10:45 am
Governor's Square 14


Ed Barrett

HR Green: President - Broadband Business Line

As organizations look to scale their organizations rapidly, many are finding that existing systems are unable to achieve the necessary scale to design and manage their ever-growing networks. In Utah, Strata Networks is expanding its footprint to support both grant-funded and municipal networks. Realizing that it needed to rethink its approach to design, fiber management and construction phases, Strata created a technology strategy centered around Geospatial data that is enabling it to achieve its goals. This panel discussion will provide attendees with a glimpse into Strata’s strategic planning and discuss how its partners have helped enable more rapid field collection, engineering design and operationalization of the data for construction and network management.


John Monday

HR Green: Group Director, Broadband Design & Network Engineering

Jon Bingham

STRATA Networks: Plant Development Manager

Tom Brooks

Render: Director GIS & Solutions Engineering

Craig Gooding

Ayres Associates Inc.: Business Development Specialist